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Buddies Club!

Your Buddies are your life bitch! you may not like us, but your girlfriend does

Buddies club fau, now and forever
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Through a gust of win and a siren's call emerged an idea. This is idea was created by years and years of cultural, gender and social depression. It was opressed by societal norms, taboo and simple closed-mindedness. Eventually, an idealiasm gained so much verocity that it simply could not be contained in its lock box any longer. This idealism burst through the chains of conformity, forming into a theology with the strength of a thousand locamotives. This theology was realized by a selected few human recepters. They formed this theology into a single practice of strenght and unity. They gave it a sytem of operation, rules of conduct and name. That name has now come to be known as BUDDIES CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!